Let’s debate on school uniforms !

Les élèves de 302 et 303 ont eu l’occasion de débattre en anglais sur le thème de l’uniforme à l’école.

Voici ce qu’ils en pensent.

Et vous, qu’en pensez vous ?
Postez vos commentaires (et n’oubliez pas de justifier vos arguments !!!).

Let’s debate ! Should schools require their students to wear a uniform ? Yes, No ?

I would like to wear a uniform at school because there wouldn’t be any inequality between pupils.
With the uniform, there is no jealousy.
Moreover , the uniform is very elegant : it is a way to represent a school with colors or logos.

Oceane F, Aurelia H and Benjamin C (303)

I wouldn’t like to wear a uniform because I don’t like skirts and blouses .
I wouldn’t like to wear a uniform because I wouldn’t like looking like everybody else .
I wouldn’t like to dress simply every day.
I don’t like uniforms.

Mathilde D (302)

I think schools should require uniforms because everybody would be equal.
You couldn’t differentiate the poor and the wealthy .
The poor wouldn’t have any critics.
Personally, I’d like to wear a uniform, because I love wearing suits and being elegant.
If I had one, I would wear accessories and cosmetics to show my personality.

Pascaline B, Coralie L and Laura D (302)

I think schools shouldn’t require pupils to wear uniforms because it doesn’t allow us to be different from the others.
I wouldn’t like to wear a uniform, because I couldn’t customize my clothes.
Plus , I don’t like skirts.
But, I admit everybody would be equal and there wouldn’t be any critics.

Clarisse J and Florine P (302)

Now, what’s your opinion ? What do you think about it ? Leave a comment !



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